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Professional Dental Cleaning

Professional dental cleaning can help prevent tooth decay and tooth loss due to gum disease. It is also beneficial to overall good oral health. Dental cleaning can remove plaque that is difficult or impossible to eliminate using just a toothbrush. Although frequent brushing can assist in removing bacteria and plaque build-up between teeth it is far more effective to properly clean teeth by visiting the dentist twice a year for professional cleaning.

Professional teeth cleaning involves a variety of procedures including tooth polishing, scaling and tooth debridement to remove tartar deposits. Minimal discomfort may be experienced with dental cleaning and are generally not especially painful.

Professional teeth cleaning alone will not necessarily guarantee good oral health. It’s important to maintain a healthy diet in addition to brushing and flossing regularly. Scheduled visits also allow us to provide basic home care hygienic tips and techniques to help ensure your teeth, gums and mouth remain healthy.

Dental Cleaning is beneficial to overall good oral health