Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is effective in restoring confidence to smile again. Understanding the basic process of having a bridge may help to ease anxiety or fear of visiting a dentist to replace missing teeth.

Dental bridges are one of the options available to replace missing teeth. Dental bridges may not be the best permanent solution especially when compared to dental implants but they are however more cost efficient. Dental bridges can effectively replace teeth successfully providing that the abutment (supporting) teeth holding the bridge in place are healthy.

The abutment teeth are prepared by reshaping them in order to bond a fixed anchor cap which attaches to the bridge. The dental bridge is then affixed to the anchor teeth – filling in the missing tooth or teeth.

Illustration of how a dental bridge works
Illustration of a dental bridge beign placed on teeth

Dental Bridge Advantages

The advantages of a dental bridge procedure are that it will restore your smile and in many cases allow for the chewing of foods more efficiently. Any pain experienced with a dental bridge procedure could be described as mild or moderate at best.

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