Implant Supported Dentures

Unlike conventional dentures which sit in place upon the gum, implant supported dentures are attached and supported by titanium screws creating a permanent bridge to the jaw. The implant supported denture snaps into the attachments creating a secure and stable fit for dentures.

Illustration of an implant supported denture
Denture with implants

Implant supported dentures can help reduce the potential for bone loss as they stimulate growth of the bone. The implants form the natural tooth root system which is needed to increase the force of your bite. Your biting force will increase by 70 percent, compared to removable dentures, allowing you to eat a wider variety of food choices.

Regular upper dentures can also impede your ability to fully appreciate the subtlety of taste as they cover the mouth’s upper palate, used for tasting foods. With implant supported dentures less of the upper roof of your mouth is covered allowing for improved taste of food.


Benefits of implant supported dentures compared to conventional dentures include;

  • Better stability to secure dentures in place
  • Eliminates pain from poor-fitting dentures
  • Increased biting force
  • Preserves remaining bone and stimulates growth
  • Improved taste for foods
  • Eliminates need for denture adhesives

Implant Care

Similarly to natural teeth care must taken with implant supported dentures. Implants should be brushed regularly to ensure the surface and areas around the implant are clean and hygienic. Flossing is recommended to remove food particles from the teeth and gum line to reduce and prevent gum disease.

Good oral hygiene along with regular dental checkups are necessary to maintain implant supported dentures and to ensure long-lasting beautiful smiles.

denture being placed on dental implant
denture being placed on dental implant
denture in place on dental implant