Mouth Guards for Sports

With mouth guards becoming mandatory for most contact sports, it’s important to find one that is custom-fitted and comfortable. Today’s mouth guards are made of advanced materials far superior than what was used in the past, like blocks of rubber or hard synthetic materials.

Professional athletes use fitted mouth guards because of the superior protection they give. It’s advised young athletes whose teeth are still growing and easily broken wear a custom sports mouth guard to prevent unnecessary injury in the heat of competition. Mouth guards not fitted by a dentist may not provide the same type of protection from trauma and are less comfortable.

Caring for Mouth Guards

Mouth guards should be checked every 8 months by a dentist to make sure the fit remains correct and to inspect for damage or deterioration.

Fitted Mouth Guards

Fitted mouth guards from a dentist provide the best fitting and secure models available for athletes. Fitting can be done with just one visit and the procedure is completely painless. Once an impression of the teeth is taken at our dental clinic it is sent off to a lab for manufacturing.

Colour Choices

A complete range of colours are available to customize the mouth guard to the individual’s desire or team colours. Besides a perfect-fit, the mouth guard will also allow for breathing and speaking without any obstruction.

Mouthguards in an array of colours

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